Raise money • Reach goals • Recycle clothes

Clothes drive will find your clothes a new home.

Recycle clothes, help the environment. Are you ready?

Responsibility for Environment

We at Letsfundraise are serious about reducing our human footprint to the environment by reducing the amount of waste deposited in the landfill sites.

Letsfundraise aims to bring attention to clothes recycling ("Clothes Drive") and the benefits it has.

Other than reducing waste and providing jobs, letsfundraise aims to highlight the benefits of recycled clothes, textiles and shoes to Third World Countries.

Our Goal

• To promote the action of recycling used clothes, shoes, bags and belts.
• To bring the culture of Re-Use not dispose.
• To reduce items going to landfill.
• Provide jobs in Third World Countries.

Fundraising Partners

Are you a charity, county council, school, sports club, community centre or retail outlet? If so you might be missing those extra funds that could be going a long way. We encourage to try out our services and run a fundraiser by recycling clothes. Over time we established a number of partners who are constantly fundraising all year round and we will keep on promoting to gain more businesses, charities and clubs to get involved.

Reasons to partner with us

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Depth of Experience
  • On board scales
  • National Coverage
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Your success is our success
Clothing banks
We can provide you with a top quality, FREE textile recycling bank which we will empty on regular basis and pay you monthly.
Available advertisement for fund raising. We can provide leaflets and posters incl. with our service. Message us for more to avail of this service
We are more than willing to provide plastic bags to get more member involved in your fundraiser.
Storage Facilities
If you have no storage available to you we have a variety options from collecting daily to providing you with storage facilities.